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MONPIX search tips

Image data search

Image title

  • This will retrieve all records containing words or phrases specified in the Image Title and Notes fields.
  • More than one word may be entered in the search field by linking the words with %, however images will only be retrieved where the words appear in the title in the same order as entered in the search field.

Other image data fields

  • These fields are:
    • Photographer
    • Date
    • Image Number
  • If terms are entered in these fields in conjunction with words in the Image Title field, the search will be limited accordingly.

APT Australian Pictorial Thesaurus

  • This field searches using Australian Pictorial Thesaurus terms, which use contemporary Australian terminology to describe objects, people, places & structures, events & activities and concepts.
  • If more than one term is used, enter a semi-colon after each term. eg. academics; medical sciences

Subject Descriptor search

  • The list of descriptors used to classify images should be consulted before using this search option.
  • Descriptors are largely based on names of academic departments, but include more general terms, e.g. Sport and Theatre & Dance.
  • For individual academics the descriptor will correspond to the relevant academic department.
  • For senior academics (e.g. Deans) and senior administrators, the descriptor 'Administrators' is used.
  • For other non-academics the descriptor 'General Staff' is used.

Note: It is not advisable to search by entering data in both the Image Data Search fields and the Subject Descriptor Search fields.

Search results

  • A search using any of the above methods will result in a set of thumbnails - each appearing with its own data and descriptor/s. Individual thumbnails can then be enlarged.
  • Many of the fields appearing in the search results are hotlinked to images with identical data in the same fields.

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