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Peninsula campus holdings

Course records

Handbooks 1959-1981

Handbooks include general information about the College, its courses, staff, student information, calendar, Council and other internal committees.


These Frankston Teachers' College syllabuses outline the courses available including aims, time allotments, prescribed texts and assessment breakdowns. Syllabuses are included for 1963 and 1968-70 only.

Course material

A collection of reports, information booklets and teaching materials related to courses taught at Frankston Teachers College and later SCV Frankston

Course accreditation documentation

Course accreditation documentation, including submissions, proposals and drafts for the years 1975 to 1980 from State College of Victoria Frankston. Courses covered include education, nursing, art, applied science, Italian, adaptive recreation, environmental studies, professional studies and therapeutic studies.

Other records

Course records for the years after 1982 can be found in the archives of Chisholm Institute of Technology and Monash University.



1979 Handbook State College of Victoria Frankston

Frankston Teachers' College Syllabuses 1970