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Peninsula campus holdings

Administrative records

Council agenda and minutes 1973-1982

The State College of Victoria Frankston Council, constituted as a corporate body to control and manage the new college, held its first meeting on 21 August 1973. In 1981 joint meetings were held with the Council of Caulfield Institute of Technology to discuss amalgamation which took place the following year .

Board of Studies agenda and minutes

Minutes and attachments for meetings of the Board from its first meeting in June 1970 to the final meeting of 1977 and agenda papers for meetings of the Board held between November 1973 and July 1977.

Register of Sealing/Receipt Book Register

A small grey index book used as a Register of Sealings for the period 1974-1982. Also under "R" is a record of receipt books issued and completed for the period 1973-1976.

Reports and submissions 1975-1981

Reports relating to changes in the structure (both physical and educational) of the SCVF, including master plans, educational specifications, reviews and submissions.

Annual Reports 1978-1980

Other records

Administrative records for the years after 1982 can be found in the archives of Chisholm Institute of Technology and Monash University.



State College of Vicotria Frankston Annual Report 1980


A Review of Teacher Education Report